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Nov. 24th, 2012

Is it silly that I feel like making a trip to Ipswich just because it was one of the towns mentioned in Cabin Pressure?

Cabin Pressure was how I survived my final trimester in university. I don't care that people gave me funny looks while I was lost listening to it.

The Legend of Eli Monpress

 So... today I finished reading the fifth and final book of this series. I already know that I am going to miss it. And I am shocked that I have not posted a word about it.

What depresses me more is that the online community for this awesome series is almost non-existent (or in hiding), besides the one tumblr dedicated to it. Why do I always like series with small fan bases? If you're curious, I usually measure the size of a fan base by the amount or fanfiction and fanart dedicated to it and whether a community for it exists on livejournal. And there is no livejournal community. None. (I don't care if this is a silly measuring stick.) How I am I going to cope with my withdrawal symptoms without the support of other fan's shameless squee-ing, fanfiction, fanart and memes?

So anyway, if you have not heard or read thsi awesome series yet, go and read it now.

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All I can say it that it has been a brilliant ride from start to finish. I was engaged all the way. I'm just disappointed that not more people are investigating the possibilities with this world. 

The Mentalist, some thoughts

I finally finished marathoning catching up with the series till season 4. I liked the finale. It had a few epic moments that were its saving grace, because otherwise the RJ plot was really really putting me off.

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Again, any line with the original Mandarin next to it are lines I'm not sure about or feel there's a better way to say it.
/description of action or panel/
[words in boxes]
|words outside bubbles or boxes|

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Wow, I feel productive today. My translation speed is about two pages per hour. Meh.

It's been ages, so the old link to the online Chinese raws doesn't work. I think someone generously uploaded all the raws on deviantart though. If it's no longer there, I'll see if I can upload a copy. 
As usual, I've inserted the original Chinese sentences after lines I really wasn't sure of.
/additional clarification or description of scene/

Again, feel free to question, comment, or suggest corrections.

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It kind of saddens me that the Fantastic Children community on LJ seems to be dead inactive. I always thought the year 2012, would be the year of the revival in fans' interest. Simply because 2012 is the time period that this anime was set in. I know I haven't been the most active of members for like what, two years?, but I kind of wished that the active interest in the series and the community during 2009 had sustained it.

Harry's Law

Ignore's how journal is gradually turning into a place for outbursts of squee and random reviews of shows watched.

I kind of avoid Lawyer shows, because well, I think John Grisham scared me off. (On a sidenote, John Grisham is awesome, but he painted the world of being a lawyer so bleakly that I was decidedly sure that I would never become one. See authors, you have huge influence over people's lives!). 

So as usual there was a buzz about this new lawyer show, ok, let's watch the first episode. Ooo... huge suspension of disbelief needed in the pilot. Special effects for the two accidents? Not convincing at all. Hum, so they're setting up office in a seedy neighbourhood. Smells dangerous and interesting. And then Harry speaks to Damien and states her rules. I like it. Now I want to see ALL her interactions. Ends up watching the whole season. 

Characters I like (because, watching shows for me has always been more about the characters than the plot), Tommy Jefferson! It's kind of cute how he tries to be the "Big Man" and tries to be showy and talk over everyone else. It's annoying, but it's so utterly ridiculous (and it's so obvious he's trying to hide his insecurity) that he becomes endearing? I like it everytime he comes onscreen because I know it'll be something funny, outlandish. And his defense of the obese woman against the fastfood chains? Gold. The whole episode cracked me up.

The whole show is like this: Wavering between straight out humour to being serious about fighting seemingly impossible cases for the downtrodden and defenseless. And I might have felt regret about not attempting the path of a lawyer except that I doubt I can make such eloquent speeches. Tommy's relationship with Harry intrigues me though. Why does he want to be friends with her so badly although he couldn't care less about her other co-workers?

And then Harry's assistant, Jenna. Her role gives you the impression that she's supposed to be the regular clueless blond who acts as the foil for all the other lawyerly people to show off their knowledge of the law and explain legal jargon to the equally clueless audience. But BUT she has hidden depths. You start to appreciate her after her first major quarrel with Harry. And I guess I like her because she's always so continuously upbeat and positive, and please-Harry-do-this-or-you-know-your-conscience-won't-rest.

So yeah, a good show for laughs and to explore interesting legal issues, and maybe inspire a few more people (not me) to become lawyers.


BBC Sherlock - On Lestrade

I just finished watching BBC Sherlock, season 2.

I guess I am a lost cause. I keep fangirling minor characters. I blame BBC Sherlock's treatment of its characters which really differs from most adaptations of the books. I do sometimes question how obnoxious/insensitive Sherlock is compared to canon (I believe he is made out to be more aggravating than the books, though maybe it's justified as it is a more modern setting), but I am quite pleased with Watson's characterization. Martin Freeman, you're a gem!

As for Lestrade, BBC's Lestrade is not the "lean, ferret-like man, furtive and sly-looking" described by Watson in Arthur Conan Doyle's works. ACD Lestrade acknowledges and defers to Holmes's genius but a sense of rivalry is present as he's smug and snide when he thinks he's solved a case before Holmes (it'll turn out he's erroneous). His character does evolve though. I would not have described him as a "friend" of Holmes, not till the Case of the Six Napoleons which occurs quite late in book canon where it's become a custom for him to drop by to exchange news on his work and gives his touching declaration of Scotland Yard's opinion of Holmes at the conclusion of the case.    

I would say that BBC's Lestrade takes more after the Lestrade portrayed later in canon in terms of friendship then. But BBC Lestrade is also able to tell Sherlock off ("I'm dealing with a child (referring to Sherlock)", A Study in Pink) and then appease him, but I can't imagine ACD's Lestrade doing so. He's also definitely better looking than I would have imagined. How does "lean, ferret-like, furtive and sly-looking" translate to suave, cool, charming and gorgeous? =P I'm going to assume that the writers decided that ACD Watson was a biased narrator anyway and I'm glad they did!

Hence, I would have imagined Lestrade looking more like DI Dimmock (as seen in The Blind Banker) than the strikingly attractive Rupert Graves.

On that note, yes, I admit I am shallow.... because I would not have spared Lestrade a second glance if it had not been Rupert Graves playing him. But it was! If I had not been sold by his two appearances in Season 1, I was completely sold when he sported shades in Season Two's Hounds of Baskerville. The power of the shades! And no, I'm not suggesting that people should like BBC Lestrade for his looks alone (though yes, that's a pretty good reason by itself). Like how he deals with Sherlock really, he knows when to give and get others to give Sherlock free reign and when to say no, natural courtesy (Scandal) and his loyalty (Reichenbach Fall).

And so the madness continues...

EDIT: Sacré bleu! I just found this on Wikipedia: "Moffat and Gatiss pointed out that Lestrade does not appear often in the stories and is quite inconsistent in them. They decided to go with the version who appeared in "The Six Napoleons": a man who is frustrated by Holmes but admires him, and whom Holmes considers as the best person at Scotland Yard."

Gosh, now I'm filled with glee that I actually realized this on my own. XD


One line comments about shows:
Supernatural - Primarily watching it because of Castiel.
The Mentalist - Just have to love Patrick Jane... and Cho of course.
Fringe - Still no idea why people like it.
Dating in the Dark - I respect the experiment, but why do people willingly do it on TV?
Thank God You're Here - Thank God I can finally watch it.
Glee - Need some serious catching up to do.

Have been recognising quite a number of actors in a different roles lately (i.e: Frewer in Supernatural Season 5 and Baker in Land of the Dead). A sign of too much TV?


Oct. 24th, 2010

Well then, the only thing that can prompt me to post anything is the all too familiar stress of upcoming exams. It's so nice to practise escapism isn't it?

Tsk tsk tsk. Such a problem. Especially when it leads one to end up with a new addiction. Urk.
The addiction in question is none other than BBC's new series Sherlock. Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I can't say the show is perfect (I still find some of the deductions still too far fetched), but it is refreshingly different. I love the modern setting. I keep chuckling whenever they make a reference to the canon but have modernised it in some way (e.g. replacing Watson's watch with something more relevant to today's times). And the use of technology to annoy people in the first episode. Genius.

And Watson!

To Freeman, I'm sorry that your name didn't stick in my mind when I saw The Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (I was disappointed with the movie in general), but your acting of Watson does. And I shall look forward to your role as Bilbo, when Jackson finally sorts out the legal mess that is The Hobbit.

I think I just like seeing modern London.

New Year ramblings

A week into the new year.

Wonder what I can do that's different this year?

Been spending the holiday getting attached and unattached to things.
Managed to make several conclusions.

Sort of reviewsCollapse )

Time to get back to work.

Oh, and I finally scanlated Chapter 3 for Fantastic Children. I'm really fast, I know.