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Roger Allam as Javert

So I find out that Roger Allam from Cabin Pressure used to sing Javert's role in the Les Miserables Original London Cast. I recall thinking whenever he broke into song in Cabin Pressure that he should be singing in musicals, turns out that he was!

And so this!
Allam's version of Stars. Disappointed that it's different from the current version, it doesn't end with "This I swear by the Stars.." which reaffirms Javert's intention to find Valjean.

Allam's version of Javert's soliloquy (suicide) song:

Allam is awesome! He makes Javert sound too British though? It could be an effect of my having heard Phillip Quast as Javert first. I'm biased towards the first version I hear, so Phillip Quast will always be Javert for me (I love how he changes his tone for "Lord let me find him" in Stars, which is missing from Allam's version so maybe not a very fair comparison but oh well). It's the same way why Michael Crawford will always be the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera to me. Regardless of who sings the song though, my heart still twists for Javert whenever I hear his soliloquy.
Tags: les miserables, rant
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