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CHASE manga

You know you're in trouble when you suddenly decide to follow a serialised story from the very start. It means you have to wait (sometimes painfully) for every update. It's so new that no scanlation group has picked it up.

Cover page of Mr Gentle-Considerate-All-Round-Do-Gooder

CHASE by KANG Eun-Young (姜恩英) (Chapter 1-4)

Knowing that a doujin writer going by the pen name "Chloe" belongs to the Fantasy Fiction Studies Club in her high school, Yamashita Miyu (山下美優) wants to join the club. Her purpose of joining is not to write a novel but to learn the secret in "Chloe"'s novels!

Kobayashi Masato (小林雅人). High school freshman. A member of the Fantasy Fiction Studies Club.
Yamashita Miyu (山下美優). High school freshman. Wants to find doujin writer "Chloe".

[Source: Young Gangan]

Baka-Updates categorises it as Seinen but a Chinese comic website I found categorised it as either Shoujo or School.

FYI, I totally took the translations from Google, so I've no idea if the romanisations or translations are even accurate. A Fantasy Fiction Studies Club sounds awesome though. Also, hooray for generic titles, it sure was easy finding information on this manga among all the other results for the keyword "chase".*sarcasm*

In the beginning, we see Masato being helpful and well-liked. (The speed in which he caught all the leaflets for an old lady made me think he is supposed to have some super power.) He sees Miyu who is standing frozen in front of the train platform entrance and getting in people's way. He offers to help her and she recoils from being touched and insists she doesn't need help, running into the panel to poorly prove her point. She's really clumsy. He meets her again in school during the afternoon break while he is typing on his laptop in the Fantasy Fiction Studies Club. She says she wants to join the club and he welcomes her. She doesn't try writing anything though which puzzles him. She then asks to see his writing which he refuses. She reveals that she is not interested in writing but wants to find a doujin writer going by the penname Chloe. Masato hesitantly replies that he does not know who Chloe is and when Yumi tries to peek into his laptop again, he stops her and insists he is not Chloe. She gets aggressive trying to grab the laptop from him. During the scuffle, Hidaka Itsuki (Masato's friend and another member of the club) returns from buying lunch and interrupts them.
Like I said, aggressive.

Later, Masato and Itsuki discuss her strange behaviour and Masato recites the events that happened in the club and repeats that he does not know her. Masato goes on carrying out helpful deeds in school while Miyu (creepily) observes him from her classroom window. After school, they find a girl alone in class. Not realising it is Miyu, Masato approaches her to ask if she needs help. Itsuki then tries to chat her up and Masato asks to leave. Miyu grabs Itsuki's jacket and asks if he is a Fantasy Fiction Studies Club member as well.

Later we learn that out of interest, Masato started regularly publishing novels on a doujin(special interest) website. Miyu is monitoring the website when he makes a new post.
The next day? Masato is descending some stairs when a girl falls down it in front of him. He ignores her and keeps walking. (I wonder if he thought it was Miyu from behind and wanted to avoid her.) Miyu appears out of the blue all the same.

Miyu accuses him of being "Chloe" and then asks what secret is he concealing by using a female penname.

"I suspected it was you from the beginning. Your idiot friend told me all."
"Gentle, considerate, top class student Mr Masato unexpectedly ignores someone who fell down... It really makes one wonder. The same way your concealing secrets in novels makes one wonder."

Miyu has a question for him. Masato tells her that even if she had read his writings, he is not obligated to cater to her groundless delusions and leaves. When she loses him in the crowd, she squats in the middle of the road and screams that she only wants to know the secret he hides in his writing. She wants to verify that there is nothing wrong with her mind. (Hum, I think that act alone proved it.)
Masato helps her get out of the crowd and they go to the roadside. There she pulls her arm out of his grip but then grabs his hand. She explains that she has always become like that (paralyzed) when she is in a crowd. A large amount of things appearing all at once in her line of vision, makes her head go blank and her hearbeat fast. The doctor said that her panic could be a symptom of some unknown illness. Miyu asks Masato what he thinks and if they are alike.
Masato asks what she is implying and she says the contents in his novel and her memories of her condition are common. She was very happy to come across it and she asks if he also hoped for someone to rescue him and that was the reason he wrote his novels that way.
Masato stops her talking saying he knows what she wants to say. He thinks that she and he have the same problem/worry.

"Chloe, I've finally found you. My name is Yamashita Miyu."

Masato narrates that he never thought that meeting her would disrupt his peaceful life.

I'm actually quite surprised that the first four chapters are already available for viewing on the official Young Gangan website when only the first chapter seems to be out in print. Is this normal practice?
Not that it helps me because I don't understand Japanese. I found a Chinese translation for the first chapter and so have to wait with bated breath for further chapters to be in print like everyone else.

The coloured spread for chapter 2 has Miyu and Masato handcuffed together while staring into the distance. If that is not evidence that Miyu has some kind of brain condition, I don't know what is... It also happens to be the background image (see below) for the CHASE introduction website.
This would be romantic if you hadn't forcibly handcuffed me.
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