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Xi Xiang Ji 西厢记

Xi Xiang Ji 西厢记(美人)/ The History of the West Wing
Story: Sun Jiayu      Art: Guo Guo
Wow, the art in this Chinese graphic novel is ridiculously pretty. It helps that every page is in full colour. Cover image above links to a preview of the book. There's an English version by Yen Press though.

It's yet another adaptation of Wang Shifu's classic Chinese play Xixiang Ji/ Story of the Western Wing, but it's just so incredibly pretty.

For the fun of it, I went and looked up other illustrated versions of the story and found the following:

Wang Shu Hui (1963), this won her a National Prize in Comic Writing
  - (Mandarin)

Artist unknown,  a series of fully coloured paintings with text added on later.
  - (English)
  - Part 1 | Part 2 (Mandarin)

Cao Juren (1998), the simplicity of the black and white illustrations accompanying the text is quite charming.
  - (Mandarin, links to a pdf file)

Nggh. Spent 3 hours on this. Self-control much.
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